The Apprentice: Martha Stewart
Well, I pegged it.

Martha chose

Dawna as her Apprentice and shoved Bethenny to the side. I was somewhat disappointed in the finale of this one-and-only season of Martha Stewart's Apprentice. Overall, it left me wanting more, so I'd like to observe a moment of silence for the show's passing and a moment of mild outrage for its poorly executed ending. Believe me, I'm glad that it wasn't a big three-hour to-do, artificially inflated with season-in-review clips that signified nothing, followed by a live finale incapable of living up to its hype. But, since we'd already been mishandled by NBC's programming department hello? Up against Lost?! and then canceled? you'd think we could at least get a finale that wasn't rushed or filled with plugs for the principal's other projects. Alexis couldn't even be bothered to answer her mother's question about Dawna. She chose instead to drone on about her Sirius Radio talk show. Perhaps this was a continuation of that mother-daughter moment in the car that we were privy to.

Despite the amped-up drama surrounding the final tasks, both events went off well, even with Dawna's ugly program incident. But Bethenny's abrupt people skills cost her the position she so passionately wanted, and after the fact, she was still ungracious towards her team, so maybe Martha was right in her decision. I do wonder at the backhandedness of Alexis' comment that Dawna was "dispassionate and uncreative but better suited to be [Martha's] apprentice." I can't talk about that, though, because it's 9:48 pm, T-minus 12 minutes to that moneymaker, Law & Order. NBC's got to wrap this show up and squeeze in an awkward prerecorded moment of Dawna driving away in her new Buick Lucerne. Yeah, that sure looked live alright. Not one other car in the street during a transit strike in the city. Riiiight. I wish we could have seen more of the other candidates, and I wish there was more pomp and circumstance during the big reveal. Mostly, I wish the Peacock network and Mr. Burnett would have given this show a little more of its due. It deserved better all-around.