After four consecutive Versacorp losses cut the men's team in half, last week's episode of The Apprentice kicked off with a "corporate reshuffle" that mixed male and female contestants and ultimately resulted in the first pair of high heels to hit the bricks. TV Guide Online caught up with ousted restaurateur Kristi Frank to get the scoop on her big on-camera meltdown, that missing dough and Jessie's shocking boardroom betrayal.

TV Guide Online: During the corporate reshuffle, was there anyone you wanted on your team whom Nick picked first? Kristi Frank: Amy, definitely. Amy and I worked very well together. She comes up with great ideas and keeps the team motivated.

TVGO: Given the chance to lead your team again in the same task, what would you have done differently? Kristi: I might not have done so much research on the flea markets. We spent a lot of time finding out what products would sell. We should have just jumped in and picked a product.

TVGO: What do you think happened to the missing money? Kristi: One team member was responsible for our financial situation, and that person was Omarosa. I lay the blame in Omarosa's hands.

TVGO: Do you regret taking boardroom strategy advice from Jessie? Kristi: Looking back now, yes, I do.

TVGO: What was going through your mind when she back-stabbed you in front of Mr. Trump? Kristi: It was really difficult to have someone who was very close to me on the show basically offer no defenses. I was very disappointed [with] Jessie.

TVGO: That said, why did you choose Heidi and Omarosa to go to the boardroom with you instead of Jessie? Kristi: During the task, Heidi and Omarosa were very negative. They brought the team down. I almost felt like they were setting me up from the get-go.

TVGO: If the teams hadn't merged, do you think the women would have won the competition again? Kristi: We would have blown them away.

TVGO: Do you regret crying in front of your team members after losing to Versacorp? Kristi: No, I do not. I think that not only do women bring sexuality, they also bring emotion. The strongest part of the women's team was that we brought a lot of passion and drive. I took the loss really deeply and I cried only because I felt completely responsible [for it].

TVGO: Do you think that addressing Mr. Trump by his first name in the boardroom played a part in his decision to fire you? Kristi: Well, he did make a joke that wasn't shown in the episode. He said, "Of course, Kristi, you can call me Donald." And I actually just met with him and he said, "Boy, you were a tough one to let go." So I'm really happy with the way things turned out and I wouldn't have changed anything.

TVGO: What did you do with your free time while the show finished filming? Kristi: The contestants were sequestered in New York because we had to keep secret who was still playing the game.

TVGO: You were the only girl there. Did you have fun with your male roommates? Kristik: (Laughs) I was a pain in the butt!

TVGO: How much time actually elapses between assignments? Kristi: It's every few days, sometimes every other day. It depends. Some tasks take longer than others.

TVGO: What have you been up to since the show wrapped? Kristi: My restaurant in Santa Monica was just in Gourmet magazine last month. And I'm continuing to invest in real estate and trying to get back into entertainment. I was an actress before the show aired.

TVGO: Have you kept in touch with any of the other cast members? Kristi: I still talk to Amy and Ereka.

TVGO: Who's your favorite to win?
Kristi: Amy.

TVGO: The promo for the next episode alleges that a love connection is made. Does someone make a play for George? Kristi: George is a sweetie! Someone should make a play for George!