Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman

The man who can sing, dance, and make furry mutton chops and blades shooting from his knuckles sexy, has a new title: People's Sexiest Man Alive.

Hugh Jackman, 40, who is starring in the forthcoming Baz Lurhmann epic Australia, beat out the likes of Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Michael Phelps, among others, for the top honor.

Surprised by the magazine's choice? After seeing his photos that accompany the article, his rock-hard body and 1000-watt smile may convince you otherwise.

With his Wolverine costume shed, women on the set of Australia saw a whole new side to Jackman. According to costar Nicole Kidman, he left people stammering, "Oh ... my ... God," adding that "Women's jaws drop when Hugh walks into a room."

Jackman has been married for 12 years to Deborra-Lee Furness. She calls his hot bod "the Body of Doom — but I like what's inside": a guy who sings (he won a Tony for his performance in the musical Boy from Oz) romantic ballads and makes pancakes for his kiddies.

The couple met on an Australian TV show, Corelli, in which Furness played his leading lady. They have two adopted children Oscar, 8, and Ava, 3.

Australia opens on Nov. 26, and his next big starring vehicle X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens May 1, 2009.

What do you think of Hugh Jackman as Sexiest Man Alive? Does he float your boat?