Dreama Walker and Krysten Ritter Dreama Walker and Krysten Ritter

The Dawson's Creek reunion isn't the only highlight coming our way on Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 this season. In fact, this week's Halloween episode may even put the season premiere to shame as we finally get to see a softer side of the ABC comedy's titular character. That's right, the B is getting some L-- love that is. TVGuide.com hit the set of Apartment 23 to get the scoop on Chloe's (Krysten Ritter) new love interest. Plus: Will there be love for June (Dreama Walker), too?

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1. Love for the B: Yes, there will be love for the show's titular character this season, but it will come at a price. "Her biggest pet peeve is a chick flick," Ritter says, explaining that Chloe will be stuck that type of situation when she reconnects with Benjamin (Ben Lawson), on whom she's playing her annual prank. When the tables are turned and she realizes her feelings for him, "She freaks out," Ritter says. "I don't think Chloe knows how to respond in that space. She has a little bit of a meltdown. She's a total spaz all of a sudden and has lost control for the first time."

2. Mom and Dad B: Chloe's parents will return in the Thanksgiving episode, in which Chloe and June visit them for the holidays. "Anytime Chloe is around her parents, she just regresses back to a really bratty teenager," Ritter says. "[Her father] avoids June at all costs. It's so twisted and so crazy what she makes June do in order to convince her to go and be around her parents together, but it's the funniest thing ever." Hint: June may find something in common with Chloe's mother — besides kissing Chloe's dad, of course.

3. Love in the City: Chloe may not be the only one getting a love interest this season as June and Mark (Eric Andre) grow closer in the coming episodes. "Time will tell, but I think there's something brewing," Andre says. We'll also see a young June this season, as we learn more about her background. "She's going to be more savvy, as you are when you live in NY for a while and have Chloe as your roommate," series creator Nahnatchka Khan says. "She makes some bad choices, but ultimately she wants to get her career back on track, so we're exploring her getting a foot in the door, and what that does to her and Chloe's influence in her life."

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4. New B in town: June will have a new nemesis to face after she does find that new job. "At first she just thinks it's her BFF," Khan says. "'Oh this girl is so sweet and is showing me the ropes!' and Chloe's like, 'Sure, she's your nemesis.'" Obviously, June won't believe her. "We're sort of playing a Hannibal Lecter thing in a way where Chloe can predict what this girl is going to do," Khan says. "Once June realizes that Chloe is right, she's like, 'How do I deal with this?'"

5. People, please: Even Chloe will find a new job this season! "She takes over as managing editor of People magazine," Khan says. "She does the old intimidation/confusion tactic." Ritter notes that Chloe lands the job to help James (James Van Der Beek) with People's Sexiest Man Alive issue. Adds the Beek: "I volunteer at a soup kitchen so I can get my picture taken for People magazine, but then I leave as soon as the photographers do. The security guards do not find that acceptable, so I get busted for ladling and leaving."

6. Halloween: We'll see plenty of different Halloween costumes as the comedy jumps back to past holidays. James as an angel and Chloe as a slutty bus driver take the cake, but it's June's costume as a lady Hobbit that is most poignant. "It is reflective of her journey of self-discovery," Walker says. "Also, what single lady doesn't want a ring? It's the perfect costume for June." Don't expect too many scary costumes, though, as Apt. 23's Beek is not a fan. "Fake James does not like scary costumes, he's terrified of them," Van Der Beek says. "So the rule at his Halloween party is only positive costumes. It's more a positivity party than it is a Halloween party."

7. Chloe vs. Luther: Using a tranquilizer gun on Luther is only the beginning of their feud this season, though they'll be using tricky tactics along the way to prove who is most important to James. "We're handling it well, but there's always that tension of who's the Queen B in this hive," Ray Ford says. "They're fighting for James' attention."

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8. Dancing lives! There still six episodes from the first season that didn't air. They'll be interspersed throughout this season, which means James' turn on Dancing with the Stars will culminate this season. And trust us, you don't want to miss the Beek dancing. "Dean Cain continues to be a thorn in my side as I make my way toward my dream of winning the Mirror Ball trophy," Van Der Beek says. Plus: While there are Dawson's and Varsity Blues cracks this season, it's a fictional project that will take the joke cake. "There's a movie that I do where I play the love interest of a giant 6-foot-tall pink puppet called Love Monster," he says. 

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 airs Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.