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A.P. Bio Exclusive: Hey Kids, Can You Hack Into a Tesla?

Watch an exclusive clip from tomorrow's episode

Liam Mathews

A.P. Bio is only a few episodes in, but it's already established its own twisted version of Kramer bursting into Jerry's apartment or Norm arriving at the bar. You already know when Jack (Glenn Howerton) walks into his classroom, throws his apple in the general direction of the garbage can and tells his well-behaved students to shut up that something funny is about to happen.

That moment in "Dating Toledoans" comes in the first scene, which TV Guide can share exclusively. Jack walks in and tells the kids that they're going to work on his favorite subject, trying to bring down his rival, Miles (Tom Bennett). Jack's idea is to hack Miles' Tesla, and he needs these bright kids' tech savvy.

"You think you guys could do that?" Jack says. "Are you guys the kind of nerds that are good at computers, or are you the kind of nerds that smell bad and wear capes?"

It's an important distinction, and one that the kids really have to parse out.

A.P. Bio Proves That It's Not Always Sunny For NBC Comedies

But then Jack gets a notification that he's been right-swiped by a cute girl on a dating app, so class is canceled. He has something better to do.

"It's bang time," says Jack. It's a very Dennis from It's Always Sunny moment.

To see how Jack's scuzzy adventure turns out, watch A.P. Bio Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC or stream on Hulu.

Glenn Howerton, A.P. Bio

Glenn Howerton, A.P. Bio

NBC, Vivian Zink/NBC