Answer: This humble game-show host can bluff at poker with the best of them. Question: Who is Alex Trebek? Too bad that he ultimately lost on, well, not Jeopardy!, but Celebrity Poker. Hey, at least he fared better than Sean Connery in an SNL parody of Celebrity Jeopardy!. Tonight was quite an exciting night: Dave had to call for security when Michael Vartan tried to return to the table after getting his butt kicked by Anthony Anderson's quad five slow play; those same fives reared their ugly heads when Alex landed a set to take a bunch of Anthony's cash; and awesome poker-player Annie Duke (whom I want to be just like when I grow up) dropped by for a short visit. So cool, as she's like, the coolest chick in this often male-dominated game. I think that even though she picked newcomer Amber Tamblyn to win, she'd probably be pretty proud that Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines beat out everyone and had fun while doing it. It was great to watch a disgruntled Vartan drown his sorrows in the loser's lounge and make sarcastic comments about the other players. Dave tried to console him with the fact that they couldn't take away his chiseled good looks, which Michael seemed to care little about, but honestly, for once, Dave made a good point: Winning at poker is all about a bit of skill and the luck of the draw, but money can't buy the handsome mug that Mr. V's got. AC

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