Annoying Orange Annoying Orange

This should be aggravating: YouTube's mind-bogglingly popular Annoying Orange web series is set to make the crossover to television, according to Deadline Hollywood. Six half-hour episodes are being developed as a result of a deal between the series' creator, Dane Boedigheimer, and the management/production company The Collective (also responsible for the mainstream crossover of YouTube's Fred).

Top-notch talent has signed on, with Tom Sheppard (Pinky and the Brain) writing and Conrad Vernon (co-director of Monsters and Aliens and Shrek 2) executive-producing. Malcolm McDowell has been tapped for voice work.

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Perhaps they'll squeeze something different out of the Annoying Orange formula, which typically features an anthropomorphic orange laughing at his own unfunny taunts directed at another anthropomorphic fruit (or some other round thing). The latter fruit often ends up somehow expiring (usually via chopping) and the Annoying Orange reigns supreme within this comedic Darwinism — just like he does on YouTube, where his channel is the eighth most subscribed of all time.

For a good indication of the Annoying Orange's track record, check the video below: