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Team Edward is not happy with vampire queen Anne Rice. The Interview with the Vampire author caused a furor on Facebook after commenting that the undead in her books would "feel sorry for vampires that sparkle in the sun."

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"I was just joking," Rice tells The Daily Beast. "People ask me what I think about that, and I finally pretended that Lestat and Louis were real and gave their opinion on what they thought of the vampires in Twilight. Unfortunately, I think some of Stephenie Meyer readers took it the wrong way, came to my Facebook page, and were quite unpleasant. But I think they're very... young. It was quite a ruckus!

"I can see why the kids like them," Rice says of the Twilight novels and films. "What I say right away is they take the formula of women's romance that was used by Jane Eyre, and they put it in a new context. You have the young girl, Bella; she falls in love with this mysterious figure, and he's menacing just like Mr. Rochester was in Jane Eyre, but he's protective. I think it's an enduring formula."

For her formula in creating vampires, though, Rice wanted a more "realistic" take. "I went along with what I inherited from Hollywood—that vampires burn up in the sun.... I thought if they responded hysterically to garlic or crucifixes, that was not as interesting as their being nihilistic and atheistic, and not having a 'magical' response to something but having definite limitations and rules."

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The new genre of vampires, Rice notes, are much different from her Interview with the Vampire protagonists. "What I see happening, with writers like [True Blood's] Charlaine Harris and Stephenie Meyer, is the domestication of the vampire. I was more interested in a powerful, Old World figure that had a lot of knowledge, experience, and was surrounded by a lot of glamour and mystery... Charlaine Harris is doing something different by imagining what it's like if vampires are legal and you have them living in your Southern town, and I think she gets a tremendous amount of energy out of that. She's very witty—there's a lot of satire there—and on the HBO show True Blood, there's even a romance with Vampire Bill."

With the supernatural on the rise, Rice will now tackle werewolves though her new novel, The Wolf Grit, which has a much different take on werewolf mythology from the Twilight series. "I prefer to go with the idea of the man-wolf that remained a man, but became very powerful and strong," she says. "He doesn't turn into a four-footed animal that lives in a pack." Rice isn't opposed to True Blood's werewolf Alcide (Joe Manganiello), though that may just be because "the character's hot," she says.

Which vampires do you prefer, the ones in Twilight, True Blood or Interview with the Vampire?