Ongoing developments in the mysterious death of Anna Nicole Smith:

" Documentary producer Ashley Wells Lewis has culled three hours of footage shot in 1993, when Smith was a frequent houseguest of hers, into an 80-minute doc showing a "genuine, sweet innocent" side of the bombshell. Lewis is shopping the pic to broadcast and cable networks. Tick-tock, gang - sweeps ends in two weeks! ( Hollywood Reporter)

" The debate rages over where Smith will be buried. Howard K. Stern favors the Bahamas, while Virgie Arthur wants to take her daughter home to Texas. If Stern is named 5-month-old Dannielynn's legal guardian, he'd likely be granted final say. ( New York Post)

" Despite the objections of attorneys for Stern, Arthur, and testimony from the medical examiner and DNA experts, a circuit judge on Thursday ordered that another DNA sample be taken from Smith's body, to ensure an exhumation is never needed. Explained the judge, "When we bury her, I want it to be forever." (AP)

" Two uniformed policemen and three men from a "crime scene unit" van on Thursday entered the Bahamas home that was shared by Smith and Stern. Members of the crime-scene unit could be seen taking photos of the property, but declined to answer questions from reporters. A commissioner for the Royal Bahamas Police Force surmises that the officers "must be" investigating a burglary report filed by Stern, but said he had not been alerted to the team's arrival at the mansion. (AP)

" In a sworn affidavit obtained by TMZ, Smith's former nanny, Quethlie Alexis, claims her employer twice (and in the same day) tried to end her life in the weeks following Dannielynn's birth, via sleep-aid overdose and then by trying to drown herself. (In the latter bid, she was pulled out of the pool by Stern.)

" In the same affidavit (which was given as part of a wrongful termination suit), Alexis says Smith instructed her to underfeed Dannielynn by at least four ounces of formula a day, so that her baby would be "sexy."

Smith attorney Wayne Monroe qualifies both accounts as "garbage" from a "disgruntled employee."

" The California Board of Medicine is launching a probe in light of evidence, uncovered by TMZ, that an L.A. doctor prescribed methadone for an eight-months pregnant Smith.

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