After months of speculation, photographer Larry Birkhead has been declared the biological father of Anna Nicole Smith's now 7-month-old daughter, Dannielynn, a court in the Bahamas ruled on Tuesday. The ruling was determined through DNA evidence submitted by Smith and fellow claimants Howard K. Stern and Prince Fredric Von Anhalt. Smith and Birkhead had a contentious relationship by the time Dannielynn was born, and it was only exacerbated when Smith identified Stern, her lawyer and live-in companion, as the baby's father (and even listed him as such on Dannielynn's birth certificate).

Though everyone involved has been issued a gag order by the court - the case is still in progress - Birkhead, speaking briefly to reporters after the decision came down, said he believed Smith "would be proud that I fought [for custody]." Stern, in turn, said the months-long process has been "difficult, very difficult," due in part to media coverage that he deemed "beyond irresponsible" and "at times malicious." Stern, a lawyer, hinted that his grievances with the press will be "addressed later on."

Actress/model/celebrity Smith died Feb. 8 in Florida, from an accidental drug overdose. As Smith's inheritor, Dannielynn could inherit millions of dollars from the estate of oil tycoon Howard Marshall II, Smith's second husband. Stern put in an appeal to the Bahamian Court of Appeal to block the DNA results. The appeal was later abandoned and Stern had to pay $10,000 in court costs. - Additional reporting by N.F. Mendoza