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Is there a special badge for rescuing an injured NBC News journalist?

A troop of Boy Scouts came to the aid of Emmy award-winning journalist Ann Curry after she broke her ankle while hiking in New York in April.

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"We were hiking along, and we came to a trail intersection and a lady was sitting on the ground with her one leg out," Scouter Rick Jurgens toldScouting Magazine Friday. "We didn't think anything of it, but one of the guys asked if everything is OK. She said, 'No, not really. I think I broke my ankle.' She told us to keep going, but the guys refused."

The young men, who are trained to always be prepared and earn badges in first aid, immediately splinted her broken ankle and created a makeshift stretcher out of large sticks and a tarp to carry her down the mountain.

Curry wrote the troop a letter thanking them for going "above the call of duty." She also tweeted thanks on Friday when the story broke. "If you break a leg on a mountain, I hope Boy Scout Troop 368 finds you. Boy am I glad they found me."