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Animaniacs Reboot in the Works from Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros.

The '90s cartoon might be staging a comeback.

Keisha Hatchett

After nearly 20 years, TV's zaniest toons could be making a comeback.

Amblin Television and Warner Bros. are working on a reboot of the beloved '90s cartoon, Indiewire reports. It centered on siblings Yakko, Wakoo and Dot who had been trapped in the Warner Bros. water tower since the '30s before making their grand escape.

The original series ran from 1993-1995 on Fox Kids and from 1995-1998 on Kids' WB before closing out with the direct-to-video release of the musical comedy Wakko's Wish in 1999.

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It featured a number of segments including "Pinky and the Brain," which earned its own spinoff on the WB in 1995. The animated show was developed by Steven Spielberg following the success of Tiny Toon Adventure and gained new popularity after being added to Netflix early last year.

Since the reboot is still in early development, it doesn't have a home just yet.