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Animal Planet L!VE is putting the "labor" into Labor Day Weekend.

Throughout the holiday weekend, the Labor Live Cam, which can be viewed here, will stream live animal births from the Nebraska State Fair's birthing pavilion. Not only will viewers get to witness the miracle of birth in all of its suspenseful — and messy — glory, but the 24/7 cams will also aim to capture an adorable lamb's first steps, little piglets nursing, and other barnyard newborns adjusting to their first moments on the planet.

From Dirty Jobs to Star Trek: Your guide to Labor Day Weekend marathons

Want a sneak peek? Witness spotted calf Desi's wobbly first steps in the exclusive clip below:

In between births, fans can also watch additional Animal Planet programming, including new episodes of Too Cute! Pint-Sized and a Dirty Jobs marathon. Check out a full listing of this weekend's TV marathons, on Animal Planet as well as other networks, here.

View Animal Planet's Labor Live Cam here.