Since Angel is off atoning for god knows what (the woman is a saint!), this former altar boy of the year 1983 gets to indulge in his newest vice. That's right. Thanks to the new Season 1 DVD set, I am all about the Neptune. And superthankful to the writers for the Duncan-Logan brawl. Not that violence is good, kids. It's just that I was wondering when the ex-BFFs would finally deal with the whole "Your dad killed my sister" sitch. Of course we figured Logan would be over his childhood homie stealing Veronica back, since he's knocking boots with Cassidy and Beaver's stepmom, but who knew Kendall's li'l fling would lead to blondie exposing Big Dick's real-estate scam, huh? I guess we won't be seeing Big Dick for a while, now that he's fled town in a haze of SEC suspicion. Which is fine, since I'm pretty sure we're going to have our hands full with whatever Coco from Fame is hiding from Keith about the cop trailing her, Wallace's awful new gal pal and the increasingly ominous link between that dead stuntman with Miss Mars' name scrawled on his hand, Aaron Echolls' first movie and the bus crash. And that is enough for me. Though if someone wants to throw in a little bit more Charisma Carpenter, you won't hear me complaining.

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