Mark Zuckerberg, Andy Samberg Mark Zuckerberg, Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg put on a hoodie and sandals and busted out his best Mark Zuckerberg impersonation Thursday at Facebook's f8 conference.

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"I'm going to start by focusing on key issues," Samberg opened. "First: authentic identity. And under this sweatshirt are rock solid, cut and greased abs!"The Saturday Night Live star then bragged about Facebook's growth ("We've got ... more people than in the cast of Glee

"), how he chloroformed MySpace and put a "bullet in the back of its skull," and unveiled two new Facebook features, "I'm Not Really Friends with These People" and "The Slow-Poke," which takes 24 hours to reach the person.

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The real Zuckerberg eventually crashed the party, which only prompted Samberg to impersonate some other "Bergs": Zuckerberg's Social Network portrayer Jesse Eisenberg and Mark "Say 'hi' to your mother for me, OK?" Wahlberg. Watch the video below: