Here's something that will really make you feel old: Andrew Lawrence — one third of the rascally Lawrence troupe that includes older bro Joseph (Blossom) and middle-sib Matthew (Boy Meets World) — is officially a teenager. The lil' one turned 13 earlier this year, but memories of his misspent youth still linger. Recalls the actor: "There was a period where I wouldn't leave the house without my Batman cape."

Fast forward to 2001: Lawrence is at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia reuniting with Matt, 21, and Joey, 25, for Jumping Ship, a Disney Channel sequel to 1999's Horse Sense premiering Friday night at 7 pm/ET. Although the Lawrence brothers have exploited their matching designer genes to great benefit career-wise — in addition to the Disney flicks, they appeared together in the mid-'90s sitcom Brotherly Love — Andy insists that their on-camera camaraderie is not growing stale.

"The chemistry is there. It's really incredible," says the Philadelphia native, adding that he occasionally picks Matt and Joey's brains for help. "They give me advice; I trust them a lot. If we have a problem or something, we can help each other out."

Despite Lawrence's high-profile profession, he still finds time to be a kid... er, teenager. When not on the set, he's busy with school work, making short films on his computer and playing guitar. "I'm just glad to be working right now," he admits. "It's not really a business thing for me yet. Hopefully I'll stick with it, and I can experience some more fabulous things — like maybe directing or writing."