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Police and loved ones continued to look for missing Growing Pains star Andrew Koenig after a search at one of the actor's favorite local parks failed to turn up evidence.

"I just want to know you're OK," his father, Star Trek actor Walter Koenig, said during a televised news conference Wednesday at the Vancouver Police Department, addressing his son.

Koenig, 41, lives in Venice, Calif., and was visiting Vancouver when he was last seen Feb. 14. When he did not return to Southern California on Feb. 16 as planned, his family and friends reported him missing.

"If it means you just want to stay here, that's OK," his father said. "You don't have to come back. Just let us know that's your intention."

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Local search and rescue teams searched Stanley Park on Tuesday because the park was one of Koenig's favorite places when he lived in the city in the early '90s. However, following a four-hour search across 1,000 acres, nothing was found. Vancouver Police Constable Tim Fanning said investigators had followed up on all other possible leads before going public about Koenig's disappearance.

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Both parents acknowledged their son's lifelong battle with depression but also said it has never kept him from being an active member of society. Judith Koenig also reached out to her son during the news conference. "Andrew, there is help. You have so many gifts to offer this world and so much yet to do in this world," she said. "You are loved, you count and you matter."

The Koenig family asked people to continue to look for their son and help spread news that he is missing.