More Andi Mack is headed your way, Disney fans! The show has been renewed for a third season, Disney announced Monday.

Andi Mack tells the story of 13-year-old Andi (Peyton Elizabeth Lee), who learns that her older sister is actually her mother, meaning the woman who raised her is actually her grandmother. Pretty heavy stuff for a newly-minted teenager to deal with.

The controversial premise is one that's paid off for the show, however, and Disney seems invested in continuing the series.

"A series about a girl discovering that her sister is really her mother was new territory for Disney Channel, but [Terri Minsky's] honest, authentic storytelling allowed our audience to connect deeply to these characters and their journeys of self-discovery," Gary Marsh, president and chief creative officer, Disney Channels Worldwide said as part of the renewal announcement today. "What she has crafted stands as a high-water benchmark for kids and family storytelling around the world."

The cast was informed of the renewal on Monday's Good Morning America.

A special one-hour episode of Andi Mack will premiere February 23 at 8/9c on Disney Channel. Season 2 will continue in June of 2018.