Anderson Cooper and Daivd Letterman Anderson Cooper and Daivd Letterman

Anderson Cooper says it was fortunate that he and his team weren't badly injured in Egypt.

"There were people stabbed after us, there were people who have been ... captured, disappeared," he told David Letterman in his first interview since the attack. "We were lucky."

Anderson Cooper to continue reporting from Egypt after attack

Last week, the 360 anchor told CNN that he and his crew were punched in their heads by supporters of President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

"It became a free-for-all. People came from all around, surrounding us, punching us, kicking us, trying to rip the clothes off my female producer," he told the late-night host.

TV journalists increasingly targeted in Egypt

Cooper said that he doesn't think he was targeted because he was a journalist, but because he's a foreigner. "The vice president of Egypt has gone on state television saying ... foreigners are trying to attack Egypt," he said. "He's basically given a green light for mobs to attack anyone who looks foreign. I don't think they know who I was particularly."

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