Kevin Skinner, <i>America's Got Talent</i> Kevin Skinner, America's Got Talent

Who's the most talented man in the country? Americans believe it's a singing chicken farmer from Kentucky.

Kevin Skinner was crowned the winner of America's Got Talent Wednesday night, and, predictably, the country singer-songwriter says it's a moment he won't soon forget. "That's a feeling I've never experienced before, and probably won't ever experience again," Skinner says. "It's just an awesome feeling you just want to hang on to as long as you can."

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Skinner described himself as a "working class guy trying to do whatever it takes to get by like everybody else" He said he thinks that helped him connect with viewers. What he didn't know was whether he had enough fans to pull off the win. "It was a mystery right up to the end," he said. "[Runner-up Barbara Padilla has] a phenomenal voice, and I know that she's going to have a great career. We all just supported one another. There's so much talent on the stage. I definitely wouldn't have wanted to be the judge that had to make the final decision, so that's great that America got it turned over to them."Skinner's everyman-finds-fame story has been compared to Britain's Got Talent

's breakout star Susan Boyle, who performed her cover of "Wild Horses" on Wednesday's finale. He said he doesn't like to compare himself to other people, but admits that watching her performance got to him.

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"I just don't have any words to really explain how great she is," Skinner said. "I was kind of getting emotional listening to her talk about her life and how she made it through. She's a phenomenal singer."Skinner said he plans to take care of his family with the money, but also wants to give back to "people that are down on their luck." And once he makes it to Vegas, he said fans can expect the same old Kevin Skinner act."I'll probably keep it somewhere around the same thing, because I write a lot of country music," he said. "[I'm] not going to get too crazy. I'm ready to play there now — give me a stage, point which way, and I'm ready to go."Are you happy that Skinner won?