Big Brother 10 by Sonja Flemming/CBS Big Brother 10 by Sonja Flemming/CBS

If you like the idea of playing puppet master while watching a highly motivated reality-TV contestant follow your every command, we've got some good news.

On tonight's episode of Big Brother 10, viewers will be given the chance to turn one of the house guests into the new America's Player, who must do our bidding in order to win up to $20,000 over one week. And of course, no one else in the house can catch on, or else the gig is up.

The popular twist was introduced two seasons ago with Eric, who won $40,000 over the course of the season and caused upheaval in the house with his unexpected votes and odd behavior. - Nina Hämmerling Smith

Who wants to make like Orwell and play Big Brother? Who do you think should be America's Player?