Joseph Galluzzi Joseph Galluzzi

Me? I'd totally snarf Italian meatballs from a place called Saucy Balls. Unfortunately, the investors on NBC's America's Next Great Restaurant don't think the rest of the country will.

So pity poor Joey "Saucy Balls" Galluzzi, who has a legitimately great concept for a fast-casual restaurant chain. Juicy meatballs on demand! I can't name many in-and-out places that will satisfy my craving for a good meatball sub or some tasty home-style Italian meatballs (Subway does not count, people).

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The problem is our would-be restauranteur has made some lame-brained decisions about his proposed business, like designing his staff uniforms with Goodfellas in mind and including all sorts of non-meatball items on his menu. Thanks to Grandma, however, Joey is one up on most of his competition: apparently, he makes some delicious saucy balls.

Sorry, I refuse to call them anything else!  It's a great name for the hungry, the non-squeamish (and the non-ridiculous). But investors Bobby Flay, Curtis Stone, Lorena Garcia and Steve Ells — and a random sampling of girls that gagged when asked if they'd buy some saucy balls — will not be moved. They want the recipient of their dollars to cater to everyone, including those who might be offended by a tongue-in-cheek name.

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The question is, will Joey rename his business? We saw Flay come down like the Hammer of Thor when Mr. Meltworks did not heed the celebrity chef's advice about offering dipping sauces to go with his grilled cheese sandwiches. And Joey hasn't exactly excelled when it comes everything outside of his food.

The next episode (Sunday, 8/7c) will force the remaining contestants to sell their wares from food trucks. But before that, Joey will decide whether or not to re-brand.

Should he stick with Saucy Balls? Vote in our poll and be sure to suggest alternate names in the comments after this sneak peek: