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America's Next Top Model
I wonder if today's lesson in paparazzi management was a reaction to a specific Top Model incident, to the

Kate Moss thing (I don't know when this was filmed) or to model misbehavior in general? It was much-needed. They're on a bleeping reality show, surrounded by cameras 24/7, and still the contestants were completely surprised by the stills taken of them on the sly. Kim has been the most oblivious of them all, not only getting caught in the act of imitating Tyra's elimination routine, but then getting called out for all of her (very funny) commentary about everyone else. Now we all know that every single girl on the show talks about her competitors except maybe Nik, because she can't think of anything to say so the real lesson here, kids, is not to do it so obviously. You have to do it subtly and in hushed tones, the way Bre talked to everyone else behind Kim's back about how Kim talks behind everyone else's back. Kim's brilliant defense? Well, she never talked about Bre at all! I wish my two favorite wannabes would stop their bickering and direct their ire back at Jayla already. So how could the girls not realize that the paparazzi outside their hotel were fake? Do they really think they're that famous already? The phone-booth shoot was a brilliant way to make the girls compete even more viciously with each other using the unseen weapons of B.O. and farts! They all did come out looking good, though. And the final judgment seemed kind of random. Lisa's photos have been consistently flawless and better than Jayla's. My guess is that the judges finally relented to what Lisa's critics have been saying all along: She looks too old to be the CoverGirl ingenue meant for the show's target demo. But now that she's gotten a taste of the limelight, something tells me we haven't seen the last of that personality.

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