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America's Next Top Model
Let's start with last things first, shall we? I was wondering why they were already down to six and there was still no sign of a fabulous trip. So the second Tyra emphasized how

interesting the judges' decision was, it did seem kind of plausible that they wouldn't eliminate anyone. It also helped that all of the girls performed fairly equally this week in the judges' opinions, that is; I'm tiring of Nik and her sudden onset of lame panic every time she's asked to show a little bit of personality.

Eva the Diva, otherwise known as the only Top Model grad visible in a single magazine right now, got to show the girls "the life of what a winner of Top Model really does." OK. Grammar aside, it was nice to see her actually posing skillfully for photographs. Note to CoverGirl: If you want to include blatant infomercials in the show, maybe they should come from Eva instead of that weird B.J. guy who appeared to be sporting cheek and chin implants. Hooray for Kim, who gave the intimidating talent manager exactly what he wanted (duh, touting her acting experience) and really rocked the Wildboyz shoot, too. From that bizarre Viacom-family crossover, I'm guessing I'm not the only one who adores both the most boyish shows and the girliest ones on TV. Oh, how I missed seeing Party Boy in a dress. Steve-O was positively smitten by Nicole. Bre was suddenly the prim and proper, disapproving lady while having panties thrown at her. And Lisa is not a pretty sight when she's upstaged. I think the diaper thing grossed out even the Jackass alums. The whole shoot seemed to loosen the girls up a bit (more than Lisa and her wig could, anyway). By judging day, Bre, who'd been nearing a breakdown, was back to her confident, sexy self. Her seductive chocolate ad made Nigel leave a puddle of drool on the table, for sure. It should have been Nik and "blowup doll" Jayla in the bottom, but the scare Tyra gave Nicole was pretty good revenge for Nicole's trick about going to Paris a few weeks back. Instead, everyone's packing up and going to Twiggy's homeland. God save the queens! Sabrina Rojas Weiss

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