L. Scott Caldwell and Sam Anderson, <EM>Lost</EM> L. Scott Caldwell and Sam Anderson, Lost
America's Next Top Model This show is not ever subtle with its editing, so you know that whoever gets the most airtime will at least end up in the bottom two. Exhibit A: Gina . But there's often someone else who gets the next-most time, and at the last second  wham!  that's who's really out. Happened last week with Wendy

, and this week with Kari. I suppose Kari falls under the category of being too conventionally pretty (though sometimes she looks like a Barbie doll when you horizontally squish its face), just like Kyle did last season, and this season they're really shooting for what Nigel calls "so wrong it's right." Uh-huh. Then again, he had to mop up pools of drool after seeing Leslie's and Danielle's very right photos. Let's back up just a bit to Miss J.'s runway school of "Slinky-ink." Not sure if she actually taught the girls anything or just called them names, but before they knew it, it was time to strut their stuff with a cockroach on a leash in front of some '90s-era club kids and their leader, designer Jared Gold, who looked like he had a fork stuck in his neck just like Natalie Cole did on Grey's Anatomy two weeks ago. I wonder why Jade's spell-checker (um, why did she bring that along?) couldn't warn them of such terrors? The club kids were probably disappointed that there was only one spectacular meltdown. Poor Gina. Fitting with the random hallucinatory theme of the night, the photo shoot was about falling fairy-tale characters. Overall, I was quite impressed with how well they did. But what's up with making Nnenna the princess from "The Princess and the Frog" without giving her a slimy amphibian to kiss? The shoe challenge ranks up there in absolute hilarity with the umeboshi ads of Season 3. I hope everyone caught Tyra's little jab at Naomi Campbell, the unnamed famous supermodel who fell off her platforms at a Vivienne Westwood show. Danielle, at least you're in good company.