Olate Dogs Olate Dogs

One word sums up the second installment of America's Got Talent's semifinals: puppies! Why? Because when you have a brood of precious pups performing acrobatics, how can you remember any of the other acts?

When Olate Dogs took the stage Tuesday night, their troupe of well-trained dogs showcased a range of impressive skills, including jumping rope, back flips, a group scooter ride and even a conga line! Seriously, how can you compete with that?

America's Got Talent contestant gets standing ovation for One Direction cover

The group received the first standing ovation of the night. Even the panel's toughest critic,

Howard Stern, couldn't resist the dogs' charms. "You guys have to be in the finals. If it's not, it's a crime," Stern declared. "I love it. I'm a sucker for this."Watch the full performance below. Did Olate Dogs steal your heart?