William Close William Close

Tuesday's America's Got Talent's featured some of the most notable acts from the show's Top 48, including the Judges' Choices. But with only four acts continuing on, there is some stiff competition as the contestants head into Wednesday's results show.

Is Sharon Osbourne leaving America's Got Talent?

While Eric Dittelman may have stunned us all when he read the mind of judge

Howie Mandel, there were two acts which undeniably stole the show — for better or for worse.Best performance of the night: William Close

Playing what he claims to be the world's largest stringed instrument, a self-made "Earth Harp," Close plucked away on the massive strings, creating a hauntingly beautiful rendition of The Who's "Love, Reign o'er Me." Though his accompanying singer was nothing special, Close's performance was more than enough to solidify him as the man to beat this season. In fact, Mandel declared, "We're done. I think you've won."

America's Got Talent: Who got a standing ovation?

His fellow judges seemed to agree. "You are over and above anything I have ever seen on this stage," praised Sharon Osbourne. "Give him the million dollars," Howard Stern declared. The radio host even volunteered the judging panel to financially back his career if Close doesn't win the entire competition. Watch Close's acclaimed performance below:

Most painful performance of the night: Horse

"They call me nasty," Horse stated at the beginning of last night's superhero vs. robbers routine. Unfortunately for him, the robbers seemed just as interested in attacking Horse's family jewels as they were in escaping with the cash. In the short routine, Horse's manbits were kicked, rammed into a pole and even slammed by a human cannonball — and the audience loved every second of the painful performance, chanting his name after he finished."You are a mad man," Stern told the now-bleeding performer, who had injured himself during a see-saw stunt. "Very few things make me laugh that hard... I love it." Howie agreed with Stern, stating: "If I could vote, I would vote."Osbourne, on the other hand, didn't share the enthusiasm of her male counterparts. "Are your dangly bits throbbing?" she asked, seemingly at a loss for words. Though, even she couldn't deny that Horse's performance was irrefutably entertaining.Watch Horse's painful performance below:

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