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America's Got Talent Exclusive: This Insane Acrobatic Act Takes a Painful Left Turn

Wait for it...

Keisha Hatchett

Where there's risk, there's usually a handsome reward. But things didn't quite turn out that way for Fratelli Rossi, an acrobatic act made up of daredevil brothers, on America's Got Talent.

In an exclusive preview of Tuesday's episode, the duo take the stage to show off their insane moves which include a strange but exciting bit where one brother flips the other with his feet -- a surefire crowd pleaser. And while they get off to a great start -- the judges and the audience are equally impressed -- their bold performance comes to a screeching halt after one wrong move.

In a shockingly cartoonish turn of events, the spinning brother slips, landing right on top of his sibling, and both take a small tumble onto the black stage. Yikes!

Fortunately, no one is harmed and the brothers get ready to restart the routine. But after that accident, who really wants to see them continue? Surely not Melanie Brown, who protests their efforts to try again. "No, don't! You're not doing it again!" she exclaims. Adds Howie Mandel, "No more! No more! No More!" Meanwhile, Heidi Klum could only look on with secondhand embarrassment. However, Simon Cowell's facial expression most reflects what we were all thinking: "Are they really gonna try this again?" Same, Simon.

Despite reservations from the judges and a horrified audience looking on, the brothers get back on the proverbial horse for their second attempt. Do you think it went better this time around? More importantly, was it enough to get them through to the next round?

Find out when America's Got Talent airs Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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