Heejun Han Heejun Han

As Heejun Han entered the press tent to chat with reporters hours after he was eliminated from American Idol, he buried his head in his hands, let out a cry and screamed, "No questions!" The funnyman then flashed a smile and laughed, letting his signature humor take the lead.

"I'm really, really sad," he sad. "I'm gonna try out for The Voice next year!"

The 22-year-old from South Korea admitted he knew his time was up. "I had a gut feeling that I was going to go home," Han said. "But I got a standing ovation yesterday, so this is the best spot where I can go home, when everyone is clapping at you."

Han was disappointed the judges did not use their save, but he reveals that Jennifer Lopez was lobbying for him to stay. "She told me she was trying to save me, but they didn't listen to her," he said. "She said call me, gave me her number, and told me where she's staying... I'm kidding! But Jennifer does have a really good perfume. She smells so wonderful."

Even though Han was criticized by the judges for not taking the competition seriously, he argues he brought a fresh and unique perspective to the show. "It's entertainment. It's really about laughing or crying, I have to choose one," he said. "I let them laugh, so what's the big deal?"

So what's next for the wannabe comedian? "If they're willing to pay me millions of dollars, I'll do everything: acting, comedy, sitcoms, singing, dancing... just not adult films," he said, laughing.

All kidding aside, Han says he did not take the American Idol experience for granted because of his family's history. "Ten years ago, my whole family carried our luggage in our hands saying, 'We're gonna make it,'" said Han. "I just received my green card a year ago and now I'm standing here singing in front of millions of people. I actually started off this competition doubting myself and at the end of the day, now I actually believe in myself. That was a great journey for me."

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