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Terrell and

Brenna had a bit of trouble with the "group" aspect of group night. I can't blame them I did as well, and I'm sure Simon Cowell was not enjoying himself either. Except when he made Derrell sweat out his foot-stomping Mario Vazquez-inspired quitting decision. Now that was probably a delicious moment for the devious Mr. Cowell. "Hissy attitude" indeed, something Simon knows all about. Alas, Derrell, with his "broken spirit," and his brother Terrell, the Cindy Brady tattletale twin, were both allowed to stay. Terrell's group performance was hysterical. He did an OK job, but Elliot looked like he was in pain during the song. I think I saw Terrell sticking pins in a voodoo doll downstage while singing backup. Quote-worthy Brenna compared herself to Simon, so I fully expect her to make the top 12. Some of those group numbers were downright embarrassing, and Idol should have retired "Band of Gold" after Frenchie and Kimberly Locke's diva take on the tune back in 2003. Though the drama worked for Terrell and Brenna, Tyra's flip-flopping antics couldn't save her. Did anyone else catch the absurd Burger King commercial featuring girls singing while wearing onion, pickle and mustard costumes? I'm almost certain I spotted a few castoffs from this season in the ad. Poor Garet and the other cowboys. That was painful, and Simon was right about the song. Drunken karaoke was the first thought that went through my mind, too. No Brokeback boy band for American Idol, but most of the young guys in the "rat pack" fared better. I can't believe Paula Abdul actually air-kissed one of them. And her eyes totally lit up when they hit the stage has she learned nothing from her not-so-distant past? C'mon, Paula, acting that way toward Idol's equivalent of a boys' soccer team is no way to show off the life and love lessons you've learned on Dr. Phil's Love Smart. Ken McGilvray

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