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After a night of singing about "Home," one American Idol hopeful headed home Thursday night.

In the second elimination episode of the finals, the show kicks off with the Top 12 crooning along to champ Phil Phillips' hit "Home," and suddenly we're filled with the urge to DIY our houses.

American Idol recap: The Top 12 take it "home"

How did America vote?  Skip to the bottom for results. In the meantime, a few observations about the episode:

Bright idea? Necessity may be the mother of invention, but Jessica goes to the Father of Invention for her inspiration. "The light bulb wasn't perfected in a day," she says. "Edison didn't give up." Maybe that's a saying in Slapout.

Harry plays defense In response to criticism that Harry was a little too brutal last night, he says that he has such a limited amount of time as a judge to help the contestants that he has no time for the niceties. But hey, he believes in them. Bafflingly, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (Harry's hero!) decides to comment via tape, and Harry uses this as an opportunity to draw a parallel between working hard on Idol and in football. Who dat? That's Harsh Harry!

All the rage Phillips' signature leg wiggle is in full effect as he rasps out "Raging Fire." He throws in a few quirky but fun eyerolls in there too as he owns the stage. The song is generic but probably sounds great live. We just know Sam and  Alex are taking mental notes right now.

Exit interview: Idol's Kristen O'Connor answers our lightning round

More Pond jumpers Randy has chosen Irish band Kodaline as his Tastemaker pick. They're plaintive and airy and remind us a little bit of Travis. This is good, solid indie rock, and it gets Keith's head bob of approval.

The results of America's votes:






Bottom 3:


These results aren't terribly surprising. Although MK did marginally better this past week, she just couldn't hit those big notes. Both Emily and Jena chose uptempo numbers, but Emily's performance was far too much prancing and not enough singing. Once again, Jena wasn't bad, but didn't quite deliver the right tone to the number.

Jena and MK are safe, leaving Emily to sing for the save. Will the judges decide unanimously to use it? Doubtful ... and Harry confirms it. Emily is going back to Florida.

Did the right singer go home? Did you enjoy seeing Phil come back and kill it?

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