Jena Irene Jena Irene

The lucky seven are no more.

American Idol is zero degrees from Kevin Bacon after The Following star commandeered Ryan Seacrest's intro Thursday night for its result show. Awesome. But more importantly, one singer saw his or her dreams dashed. Skip to the bottom to get the results. In the meantime, here are highlights of the inane results show:

American Idol performance recap: Competitor's choice!

Stank face Sam should never, ever (ever) even say, much less try to pull a "stank face." And why does he see that as Jennifer Lopez enjoying CJ's performance? Demi Lovato Jena is so stoked that Demi wants to duet with her. It's the bangs, lady. Never lose them. Mustang for a day The iconic car turns 50, just like Wawa convenience stores and IBM mainframes (thanks, Google!). Jena has the best quote of the night. If she had a Mustang she says (paraphrased), "I would take my nonexistent boyfriend on a drive, and then park the car and make out a lot." Dream big, Jena! Safe


Bottom 2


Hmm, we didn't see that coming. We don't want Jena to be the last girl left, so we're hoping that Dexter is the one going home. And after a Ford Escape commercial ... yes, Dexter is going home. So long, 'bama boy! In a way, he and CJ canceled each other out.

Oh, and incidentally, next week's theme is "A little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll," in which the remaining contestants sing two songs, one in each genre. This is actually when we'd love to hear Alex and Sam duet — but in the Donnie and Marie roles.

Did the right singer go home? Who do you think will do the best in both genres next week?

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