Pia Toscano Pia Toscano

Less than a week after news broke that Pia Toscano signed a recording contract with American Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine's Interscope Records, the Idol finalist's first single has dropped.

Producer: Pia Toscano is making a "big, diva-sounding record"

Her debut single, "This Time," is an acoustic guitar- and beat-driven track written by Esther Dean, who also wrote Rihanna's "Rude Boy" and "What's My Name." Though it might sound like this in the beginning, the rest of the track has a nice Kelly Clarkson-meets-Katharine McPhee feel. 

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She'll perform the song during this summer's American Idol Live! Tour, which runs from July 6-September 10, while continuing to work on her album, which will be released later this year.