Lauren Alaina Lauren Alaina

American Idol finalist Lauren Alaina said she had faith she would make it to the stage despite her vocal problems hours before Tuesday's final performance show.

"I knew somehow God would get me through it," the 16-year-old told reporters backstage via a notepad following the show.

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Alaina blew out a vocal chord and received medical attention Tuesday. She was almost replaced by last week's eliminated contestant Haley Reinhart. Ultimately, Alaina took "a lot of medicines" and made it through the hourlong show to face off against Scotty McCreery for the Season 10 title.

"I'm here. I'm ready to sing and I'm fine," she told host Ryan Seacrest at the top of the show. "Don't worry about it."

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Steven Tyler also reaffirmed his faith in Alaina, reflecting back on her first audition that he said made him stand up and thank Jesus. "She's never had a problem with pitch. Maybe bad songs, but she's been perfect and great," Tyler said backstage. "I knew that she was a little hoarse, but they have steroids for that. ... Tomorrow she'll nail it."

When asked about their emotions during the show, 17-year-old McCreery called Alaina's performance of the original song "Like My Mother Does" touching. Because both he and Alaina are minors, he said their mothers have been by their sides throughout the competition. "I was amazed when she was singing," he said backstage. "I was about to cry."

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Despite the pre-show turmoil, McCreery said he was happy with the end result. "I went out there and I did my best," he said. "Our work is done and it's up to America now." (Alaina added a "ditto" in her notebook).

McCreery hinted to reporters about one other surprise possibly up his sleeve for Wednesday's results show. "It's still in debate," McCreery said about the possibility of shaving his head (per Jennifer Lopez's request). "How often do you have the chance to have the most beautiful woman in the world shave your head?"

The season finale of American Idol airs Wednesday at 8/7c on Fox.