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Simon, Paula and Randy gave her rave reviews for soulful renditions of songs like "I Believe" and "Midnight Train to Georgia." Now single mom LaKisha Jones is struggling to find the balance between parenthood and performing. Here is what she shared with TV Guide as the American Idols Live! Tour neared its end.

TV Guide: How is the tour going?
LaKisha Jones:
The tour is good. I'm ready to wrap it up though.

TV Guide: Why?
I'm ready to be a mom for a little while again. I'm missing my baby [daughter Brionne, 4].

TV Guide: Has she come out to visit?
Yeah. She came to the show last night, in New Jersey. Then they'll go back on Saturday.

TV Guide: Who brought your daughter to see you on tour?
My mom.

TV Guide: Was Brionne cheering you on all night?
Yeah. She's a sweetheart.

TV Guide: But you miss her a lot?
Yeah. I'm ready to be a mom and have my career. I'd rather have her with me on the road.

TV Guide: How will you juggle being a parent with working if you get a record deal?
Well, when I get a record deal, then I call the shots. That's going to be a part of my deal. I need to take my baby with me. I've seen plenty of artists who have their children with them. So it's possible.

TV Guide: So you'll get a nanny?
Probably my mom. It just depends.

TV Guide: You sound hoarse. Did you lose your voice?
I'm good. It's just that I got a massage after just waking up.

TV Guide: I forgot, the Idols have a massage therapist at every tour stop, don't they?
Yes. That's one of the luxuries — I will miss that!

TV Guide: What do you do to lift your spirits when you get tired?
I pray and listen to inspirational music. I talk to my baby, my mom... and I get massages.

TV Guide: Is there anything you're doing to keep your energy up?
Nothing out of the normal. I drink my tea and my Emergen-C and all of that stuff.

TV Guide: Blake said one of the biggest challenges is you're force-fed junk food every night. Is it the same for you?
We have pizza and all of that stuff. You can choose not to eat it.

TV Guide: But then you might go hungry?

TV Guide: Did you do anything different on stage when the tour came to your hometown?
We did the reprise at the end of the show. Then I did the "And I Am Telling You" song.

TV Guide: Did the crowd go nuts?
They did.

TV Guide: What's been the biggest surprise for you about the tour?
Just checking in to hotels every day and getting up at four o'clock in the morning and getting off the bus. That's the hardest part for me, breaking my sleep up.

TV Guide: So you're not a morning person?
I am somewhat, but not at four in the morning!

TV Guide: On the flip side, what are you enjoying the most about being on the road now?
Just waking up every day and getting to do something I love to do.

TV Guide: Do you get excited to meet the fans?
It's always nice to meet the fans. Those are the people that kept you in the game.

TV Guide: Are you surprised by the reaction you get when people meet you?
It's crazy sometimes because people scream and stuff. You never expect it.

TV Guide: Have you started writing or working on a record deal?
No, I'm not writing. But I have some deals on the table. We're going to see which ones fit me best. I've got to see what style of music I want to do first.

TV Guide: What genres are you considering?
Soul and inspirational.

TV Guide: Are you listening to any other artists a lot right now?
Yolanda Adams, Heather Hedley, Fantasia... they're all in my iPod.

TV Guide: What are you most looking forward to about the rest of the tour?
LaKisha: I'm looking forward to going home and being a mom.

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