American Idol's new judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan made their first appearance together on Good Morning America Wednesday.

The show brought the judges out one-by-one, starting with Richie, then Bryan and then the $25 million dollar woman, Katy Perry.

"This is the dream team," said Perry. Even though they've only had a day together, Katy explained, they are already locked in.

But the judges didn't just discuss their excitement over the ABC reboot of the singing competition series. They also took the time to talk about the mass shooting that happened at a country music festival in Las Vegas earlier this week. Richie said he worries so much about fans, who come to live music performances to have fun and let go, but are having that taken away by the fear of violence.

"It was one of the most heartbreaking days of my life, and for this country," Bryan said. The country star said he has since talked to his friend Jason Aldean, who was onstage when the massacre started, and "hearing one of your best friends shaken up like that, knowing they'll never be able to un-see these things, you get lumps and you get nauseated. Katy and I and Lionel talked about it, and there's gotta be something we can do, from the mental health issue to all of the issues that are causing these things."

Although Bryan stopped short of saying "gun control," Katy Perry said that she prays everyday, but prayer without action is powerless. "We need to take an unfortunate good, hard look at what our rules and our boundaries are with gun reform," she said. "No one is saying 'take away you guns,' but we don't necessarily need assault rifles." She said that as a society, we have to put our foot down instead of just sending condolences when these tragedies happen.

The judges then switched gears again to discuss what's coming up on American Idol, and that's giving the most talented and hard-working, undiscovered performers the chance to make their dreams come true. "I think the great American dream, we can revive that," Perry said.

Auditions in front of the judges started in New York yesterday (open auditions kicked off in August).

American Idol was canceled by Fox last year and resurrected by ABC in the spring. It returns in its new iteration with original host Ryan Seacrest in 2018.