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As any weary traveler will tell you, living out of a suitcase eventually takes its toll. So it's no wonder that Haley Scarnato recently told TV Guide that she could barely remember what city she was visiting when we caught up with her during the 45-date American Idols Live! tour. "Where are we today?" she asked backstage at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. "For me, the hardest thing is knowing where you're at. Hopefully, I do the right shout-out on stage!" We invited the songstress to jog her memory and share her thoughts on after-Idol life.

TV Guide: Are you enjoying the tour so far?
Haley Scarnato:
Oh, yeah. The tour is so much fun.

TV Guide: What's the best part about being on the road?
Just that the stress is gone and now we're performing for our fans. That's a nice feeling.

TV Guide: Is it easier performing on tour than on TV?
Well, it's different. The tour is more about us going out there and doing our thing. The judges aren't there so we don't have to worry about what they're going to say. We go have fun.

TV Guide: Is that a relief for you since Simon was pretty hard on you?
Haley: Yes! It's definitely a relief.

TV Guide: Have you done any sightseeing?
A little bit. We always try to go shopping on our days off.  I bought some hats and some shirts and stuff, just comfortable clothes. Shopping in Chicago was especially fun.

TV Guide: Are you collecting anything from each city on the tour?
I am trying to get shot glasses in every city so I can have a shadow box of them. But it's not working out, so I'm going to have to go on the Internet to find the rest.

TV Guide: Do you just go to a bar in each city?
Normally, I'll try to get them in the gift shop in the hotel.

TV Guide: What's it like traveling in a bus with the other girls? Is anybody a neat freak or really messy?
Haley: No, we're all just kind of chill on the bus, so it kind of works out.

TV Guide: Did you bring anything to remind you of home?
Haley: I brought pictures and stuff, but I don't have it on my bunk because there's not that much room. They're still in my suitcase.

TV Guide: Has your fiancé come out to visit yet?
Yeah. He comes out here and there, so it works out.

TV Guide: Does he go on the bus with you?
No. He's not allowed. Nobody's allowed on the bus.

TV Guide: Is it tough to stay in touch when he's away?
Of course, but you just work through it.

TV Guide: How do you do that? E-mail?
I don't really do e-mail. My e-mail is really more just for business purposes.

TV Guide: Have fans done anything funny while you've been on stage?
Haley: Yeah. Somebody threw a stuffed animal — a frog, I think — at me during the show. And I caught it!

TV Guide: Have you gotten any more marriage proposals from your guy fans?
Haley: Not really! The weirdest thing is just [women saying], "My husband loves you!" or something like that. It's like, "Oh! OK. Thanks."

TV Guide: What can you say to that, right?

TV Guide: How do you like to relax when you have downtime during shows?
I love baths, so I take a lot of baths. Then I just sleep as much as I can.

TV Guide: Is it tough to sleep when your schedule is so hectic?
Haley: Sometimes I have a hard time, but then I watch TV. That helps me relax a bit.

TV Guide: What can't you live without on tour ?
Haley: I can't live without Dr Pepper — with a lot of ice. I don't know why, I just started to crave Dr Pepper lately.

TV Guide: How about Pop-Tarts?
Haley: I have a few here and there because they're always around. I like the strawberry-frosted ones.

TV Guide: Have you met any celebrities at your shows?
Ryan Cabrera came out....

TV Guide: Are you a fan?
Yeah. We got to know him pretty well through Brandon [Rogers]. They're friends.

TV Guide: What's the vibe like on the tour right now? Is everyone anxious to go home, or are you still enjoying the ride?
You pretty much just take it one day at a time and pace yourself as much as you can.

TV Guide: Do you have any pre- or post-show rituals?
I say a little prayer and stretch out a bit right before we go on stage.

TV Guide: You said earlier that you've pushed back your wedding to January. Have you done any planning on the road, or are you waiting until you get home?
I'm just going to have to wait. We might be postponing that date, too. It's just so crazy.

TV Guide: At least it's a good crazy, right?
Yeah. This is what I've been waiting for.

TV Guide: Have you looked at any wedding dresses online or gone shopping with the other girls?
I already picked out my dress and stuff.

TV Guide: Are you going to invite any of the other Idols to the wedding?
Yes — all of them!

TV Guide: Will any of them be in the wedding?
Haley: Mmm-hmm....

TV Guide: Gina just got engaged. Did you do anything to celebrate?
No, she went [off] with [her fiancé] Joe, so we haven't really had any time to do a girls' thing yet.

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