Leave Norwalk alone!

Producers of ABC's sitcom American Housewife have agreed to stop making jokes at the expense of Norwalk, Conn. after outraged Norwalkers complained, the New York Daily News reports.

American Housewife is set in wealthy Westport, Conn., and has often made jokes about nearby Norwalk, which is wealthy but not as wealthy. According to American Housewife, people from Norwalk are unintelligent and unhygienic. But the last straw came in the Halloween episode, when a teenage girl dressed up as a pregnant "Norwalk prom girl."

The disses were catalogued by Norwalk resident Andy Ross on stoptheinsults.com, which petitioned Disney and ABC to apologize for being mean to his town. The petition received more than 500 signatures, and was endorsed by the mayor of Norwalk and the superintendent of Norwalk schools, the latter of whom wrote "The insults about Norwalk children on a national network TV show are not funny," in a letter to ABC Entertainment Group President Channing Dungey. Even Connecticut State Majority leader Bob Duff, who lives in Norwalk, got in on it, telling the Hartford Courant that "the constant attack on Norwalk" is "insensitive and it reflects our children, especially, in a poor light."

Meg Donnelly and Katy Mixon, <em>American Housewife</em>Meg Donnelly and Katy Mixon, American Housewife

Faced with this New England rage, ABC flinched, and on Tuesday issued a statement saying American Housewife will stop making fun of Norwalk.

"As a comedy, American Housewife isn't intended to offend anyone. We've heard the concerns of the people of Norwalk and have made the decision to omit any mentions of the city from future episodes," the network said.

American Housewife is not the only network comedy set in wealthy Fairfield County, however. Fox's The Mick is set in equally wealthy Greenwich and has a much more biting sense of humor, although the series has not made a habit of poking fun at Norwalk. TV Guide has reached out to Fox to see if The Mick also plans to refrain from making fun of Norwalk in the future, or if they'll start cracking a lot of jokes about Norwalk to make up the difference. We'll update if they respond.

American Housewife airs Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.