FX has released the umpteenth American Horror Story Season 6 teaser. But rather than focus on some new disturbing creature, this video is all about what we've seen in the past.

The promo, aptly titled "Anthology," takes us through AHS' twisted timeline, including Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show and Hotel, before ultimately teasing the untitled sixth season. The video features a montage of previously released Season 6 teasers - most of which are reportedly misdirects - before landing on an eerie shot of the woods, where the letters "AHS" are written in bones.

American Horror Story: A timeline of how the seasons are connected

The network then revealed an additional promo, "The Harvest," featuring straw men marching away from a young girl with a scythe.

What does this mean? Who knows. We'll just have to wait until Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 10/9c to find out.