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American Horror Story: Roanoke Finale: 16 Questions We Still Need Answered

Who actually killed Mason?

Sadie Gennis

It's finally arrived: the finale of American Horror Story: Roanoke. But with only an hour left in the most head-scratching season yet, can Ryan Murphy really wrap up all the mysteries that are still up in the air?

To be honest, probably not.

Fortunately, all the seasons are connected, so it's entirely possible Murphy will dive deeper into some of the Roanoke mythology in future seasons of Horror Story -- not that we want to wait that long. Here are the 16 questions we want answered ASAP.

1. Why did the Polks allow themselves to be outbid for the house? If the Polks have enough money to pay off the police, why couldn't they pony up a mere $40,000 to buy the house? The Polks are weed moguls! There is no way they don't have $40,000 on hand.

2. Why aren't there more ghosts? Out of everyone who died during My Roanoke Nightmare and Return to Roanoke, the only people we've seen return as ghosts are Diana and Mason. And before you say, "Only ghosts killed by the Butcher or doing the Blood Moon return," Mason was killed ahead of the Blood Moon and Diana was killed by Piggy Man. So that theory = debunked.

If that's the case, where's Cricket (Leslie Jordan) and Elias (Denis O'Hare)? What about Rory (Evan Peters), Matt (Andre Holland), Dominic (Cuba Gooding Jr), Agnes (Kathy Bates), Sidney (Cheyenne Jackson) and Shelby (Lily Rabe)? And why do the previously established ghost rules seemingly not apply this season?


3. What is the significance of the stick figures?
These stick figures have appeared throughout the season and were always tied to one of the Butcher's appearances. But why? What purpose do they serve? What do they say about the colonists other than that they've seen Blair Witch one too many times?

4. Was Lee always under the influence of Scathach? The penultimate episode saw Lee (Adina Porter) eat a boar's heart and become a bootleg version of the Butcher. But was this the first time Lee was under the evil influence of Scathach, or was she also serving the Witch of the Woods during the events of My Roanoke Nightmare? If so, is that why Lee allegedly killed Mason? And speaking of Mason's death...

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5. Who killed Mason? Lee confessed to murdering Mason, but there's something about her admission that doesn't ring true. When she admitted to killing her ex-husband, Lee believed she was about to be murdered. With nothing left to lose, it would make sense for Lee to confess to killing Mason if her intention was to cover for the real killer -- her daughter perhaps?

Flora, who hasn't actually appeared yet (only the actress playing her in the reenactments has appeared) is one of the most mysterious characters of the season. Unlike the rest of her family, Flora was clearly friendly with most of the ghosts, who -- according to Shelby, Matt and Lee's version of events -- played a nice game of Marco Polo with Flora instead of murdering her when she was missing. Is this because she's just as evil as them? Is the reason they welcomed Flora because she's already dead? We demand answers, dammit!


6. Who is Rhett Snow really?
It can't be a coincidence that Rhett was the Uber driver for both Cricket and Dylan (Wes Bentley) shortly before their untimely deaths. I also refuse to believe it's a coincidence that Rhett shares a last name with Coven favorite Myrtle Snow. Is he related to everyone's favorite red-headed witch? Could he know more about the Roanoke ghosts than he initially let on? At least one of these conspiracies has to be true, right?

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7. Who was the first person we saw the Butcher kill? "Chapter 1" ended with Shelby discovering a man who had been scalped by Scathach. "Chapter 2" picked up with the Butcher nailing a pig's tail to this same man, putting a dead pig's head over his and then spit-roasting him as punishment for stealing goods and attempting to desert the colony. The following night, Shelby and Matt discover what appear to be entrails (possibly the man's, possibly a pig's) strewn over a burning effigy. But can you scalp a ghost, let alone roast and disembowel them? It just doesn't make sense.

8. Why were there hidden cameras in the Polk's house? Sidney put cameras all over the Shaker mansion property, but we highly doubt the Polks let him deck out their home with hidden cameras too. If that's true, who filled the Polks' house with the cameras that caught their torture of Lee (and her confession to murdering Mason)?


9. What camera filmed the aerial shot of dead Audrey (Sarah Paulson)?
While we're on the topic of confusing camera angles, if Return to Roanoke is supposed to be all found footage, then are we really supposed to believe that there just so happened to be a camera directly above where Audrey fell after being fatally shot? This just seems a bit too convenient for the found footage narrative we've been fed so far.

10. Is Lee still possessed? Lee was clearly serving Scathach when she went around murdering everyone on the last night of the Blood Moon, but once she woke up the next morning, it wasn't clear whether she was fully herself again. Now that she's eaten the boar's heart, does she remain evil 24/7? Does she have amnesia about the murders similar to how Matt couldn't remember having sex with Scathach? Will she now become a murderer every year during the Blood Moon? Luckily for us, we have Lana Winters on the case to get to the bottom of all these Lee questions in the finale.

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11. Why did Scathach want to sleep with Matt? This is a very old and very powerful woman. Why is she so obsessed with shtupping a traveling salesman? Does she need something from Matt -- like the means to produce a child? -- or is she merely smitten by his cute glasses and button-up combos?


12. What's the point of Priscilla?
During My Roanoke Nightmare, it appeared as though Priscilla was a benevolent ghost. She tried to save Flora's life, led Matt and Shelby to the cellar where they discovered Elias' video, and was mentioned to have an antagonistic relationship with the Butcher.

But while Priscilla's presence loomed over the first half of the season, she's barely appeared since the show broke the fourth wall (unless you count brief glimpses from afar). Why would we spend so much time learning about her in the first half of the season if she doesn't play any role in the back half?

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13. How were the Polks going to continue their family line? The Polks appear to practice incest in addition to cannibalism, but since everyone in the family is male except Mama Polk, how the hell were they going to stop their lineage from dying out without producing any daughters?

14. Where's Matt Bomer? Unless the actor is the man underneath the Piggy Man mask, the AHS alum has yet to make an appearance this season. Tick, tock, we're waiting!

15. How is Scathach the original Superme? Ryan Murphy has said Scathach is the original Supreme, but as all Coven fans know, there's only supposed to be one Supreme at a time. The majority of Coven was based around the fact that the old Supreme has to die for the new Supreme to arise. And yet Scathach was still running around in North Carolina while Fiona Goode was the Supreme in New Orleans. Is Scathach exempt from the rules because she's the OG Supreme? Is she actually a ghost? Is she somewhere between life and death that allows her to keep her immense powers while other Supremes come and go? It's possible Murphy is saving all these answers for the anticipated Murder House-Coven crossover season, but who wants to wait that long?

16. Why was the ground breathing? Seriously, WTF was up with this?

The American Horror Story: Roanoke finale airs Wednesday at 10/9c on FX.