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This American Horror Story Infographic Proves Just How Similar All the Seasons Really Are

Mommy issues, serial killer and Evan Roberts? Check.

Sadie Gennis

American Horror Storyvows to shock us every season, but instead, the latest installment, Freak Show, was just... boring. When you think about it, that's actually a pretty impressive feat to pull off when you've got Jessica Lange singing David Bowie, a flipper-fingered man pleasuring housewives for cash and Neil Patrick Harris cheating on his ventriloquist dummy with a two-headed woman.

But underneath all of Freak Show's campy frills was the exact same story we've seen repeated for the past four years. Serial killer. Mommy issues. Rape. Ghosts. Evan Peters hooking up with Emma Roberts only to end up with someone else. Been there, done that.

Every way Freak Show and Asylum are connected and what this all means

At the end of the day, it's actually become hard to identify which season of American Horror Story you're discussing without getting into detailed specifics.

It was the season where the Nazi doctor amputated that woman's legs against her will. No, not that season. The one where Evan Peters was wrongfully imprisoned. That guy put on a silly costume and went on murder spree and Jessica Lange sang. No, not that season either. The one where aliens also abducted women to impregnate them -- *that* season.

To help you figure out what season of American Horror Story you might be watching, check out our handy infographic below.