It took American Horror Story: Hotel long enough, but the FX drama finally introduced Angela Bassett's character on Wednesday. And honey, our new queen has arrived!

After going on a junkie binge, Donovan (Matt Bomer) is abducted by Bassett's Ramona Royale, who promptly declares her master plan like some sort of cartoon villain. As she recounts, Ramona was a Blaxploitation actress in the late '70s, starring in such B-movie hits as Slaughter Sister, Silky Fine and The Bride of Blackenstein. But when all of Ramona's attempts to become a serious actress failed, she was considering sleeping with a producer whom she was meeting with at the Cortez. That's when the Countess (Lady Gaga) swooped in to save the diva in distress.

The Countess, as she's wont to do, slept with and turned Ramona without any apparent thought. But soon their spark fizzled, and by 1991, the couple had called it quits. Ramona shortly after took up with Prophet Moses, an up-and-coming rapper who became the great love of her life. Ramona turned Moses, but immediately following the ritual, the Countess arrived and blew his brains out. "There could only be one queen," Ramona explains to Donovan.

Angela Bassett dishes on Ramona Royale, the Countess' vengeful ex

Since the Countess took the only thing that mattered to her, Ramona now plans to take the only things the Countess cares about: her children. But when she finds out Donovan has been excommunicated from the Countess' inner circle, Ramona kicks him to the curb.

With nowhere else to go, Donovan returns to the Cortez to discover he, too, might lose the only thing he has: his mother. When Donovan stormed off earlier, he didn't hold back with Iris (Kathy Bates), saying he would have preferred death to living with her and that Iris should kill herself.

Taking her son's words to heart, Iris enlists the help of Sally (Sarah Paulson), who agrees to kill her only after Iris promises she has no unfinished business. "Don't haunt my hallways, bitch," she warns.

That's why Sally must have been pretty pissed when Donovan shows up at the last minute, ripping the plastic bag off of Iris' head and feeding her his blood, thus turning his mother and ultimately dooming himself to an eternity of her smothering. The plus side: More scenes between Sally and Iris, who are quickly becoming my favorite pair to watch this season.

What did you think of this week's Hotel?