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Real-Life Clowns Are Offended by Their Portrayal in American Horror Story: Cult

Not to mention It

Liz Raftery

Several American Horror Story fans (not to mention Sarah Paulson's coulrophobic character) are not looking forward to the presence of clowns in the franchise's newest installment, Cult, which premieres Tuesday. But there's one group of people that are upset about the inclusion of clowns for a reason that doesn't have anything to do with fear.

According to the Detroit Free Press, members of the World Clown Association -- aka real-life clowns -- are bracing themselves for the back-to-back blows of Cult's debut next week, as well as latest adaptation of Stephen King's It, which hits theaters Friday.

Pam Moody, the president of the Michigan-based organization, says she advises members to be their own advocates and educate everyday people that clowns actually aren't scary at all. "The best possible way is for every true professional clown to be out there in the public and be interviewing and be meeting and greeting," Moody tells the Free Press.

We're guessing that might not go over well with many of the people the clowns would be targeting.

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Moody, who performs as a firefighter clown named Sparky, said the Michigan-based organization also helps its 2,500 members deal with the negative portrayals of clowns in shows like American Horror Story. This season will feature the return of Twisty, the terrifying clown portrayed by John Carroll Lynch in previous iterations of the anthology series.

"The role of a clown persona, regardless of their style of clowning, is meant to bring joy and laughter, to bring humor to a hurting world," Moody says. "Clowns aren't just about laughter. They're about listening and caring."

American Horror Story: Cult premieres Tuesday at 10/9c on FX.