[Warning: This post contains spoilers from Episode 4 of American Horror Story: Cult, "11/9."]

Alas, we now know the identities of the clowns that have been terrorizing Ally (Sarah Paulson) on American Horror Story: Cult.

Tuesday night's episode revealed that Kai (Evan Peters), Harrison (Billy Eichner) and Meadow (Leslie Grossman) are the masked culprits behind such atrocities as the Chang murders in "Election Night" and Ally's home invasion in "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark." Yes, the Michigan mom might be losing her grip on reality, but she was also seeing something.

In the flashback-heavy episode, the murderous trio brutally slashed TV reporter Serena Belinda (guest star Emma Roberts) and her cameraman to bits — in broad daylight, no less — in a bold attempt at convincing her disgruntled rival Beverly Hope (Adina Porter) to join their cause.

Despite her namesake, Beverly had no hope to spare after watching the younger journalist rise up through the ranks thanks to an illicit affair with her much older boss (Dermot Mulroney). While Beverly was ankle deep in a city landfill covering the discovery of the headless body of Harrison's boss, her counterpart enjoyed fluff pieces like spa visits and puppy adoption fairs. It was the underlying rage at these injustices that caught Kai's eye (plus, the fact that she had a breakdown on-air after enduring yet another group of pranksters interrupting her broadcasts to yell, "Grab her by the p----!").

So when Kai eventually catches her in a vulnerable state, angrily slashing Belinda's tires, he offers Beverly another outlet for that wrath. "Knowing the game is rigged isn't worth shit if you're still willing to sit at the table and play with those bastards," he says before suggesting she slash their throats instead. Beverly passes Kai off as a "tough-talking white boy," making it clear that the blue-haired cult leader needed to up his game if he wanted her to believe in his cause.

American Horror Story: Cult: Who Are the Clowns?

That's why Kai, Meadow and Harrison don the clown masks that Meadow designed to assassinate Beverly's enemy. The brazen murder is all the proof Beverly needs in order to believe Kai's "join me and together we can rule the galaxy" speech.

"I believe in you," she finally admits, echoing Harrison's earlier sentiment that Kai is "someone to believe in." These moments highlight that Harrison, Meadow and Beverly aren't just going along with Kai for fun; they are staunch believers in his cause and are willing to do anything — even wear clown masks and kill — without question.

With Meadow, Harrison and now Beverly on his side and a seat on the city council at his fingertips, Kai is well on his way to creating the world of chaos he so desperately craves. Plus, let's not forget that there's at least one other clown to be unmasked this season, and that reveal could change everything!

American Horror Story: Cult airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.