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American Gods' Kristin Chenoweth Previews Easter's Arrival: "I Wouldn't Want to Get on Her Bad Side"

What to expect in the season finale

Sadie Gennis

American Gods is pulling out the big guns for Sunday's season finale. Kristin Chenoweth will finally make her much-awaited debut as Easter when Shadow (Ricky Whittle) and Wednesday (Ian McShane) arrive at her doorstep to enlist her help in the brewing war.

When Chenoweth's casting was announced ahead of the series debut, fans were thrilled. It would be hard to imagine another actress more suited to tackling the chipper, commercial-friendly goddess as well as Chenoweth, a longtime Bryan Fuller collaborator from his Pushing Daisiesdays. But when Fuller initially offered her the part, Chenoweth admits she was actually quite taken aback.

"I went, 'no, really? Are you sure? I just want to see this thing! I just want to make sure I get to see it. Are you sure?'" she recalls to TVGuide.com." And he said, 'Yeah, I kind of think I know the way I want her to be seen in this. It's with a façade and something else boiling underneath.'"

The women of American Gods are more than just idols to worship

That was all Chenoweth needed to hear before jumping in to provide her own take on Neil Gaiman's beloved creation, who is one of the only Old Gods who's figured out how to adapt and survive in the New World. "We live in an interesting time where social media is a whole part of your career now. And as Kristin, it has been, at first, very difficult. And then I came to understand how important it is. So I kind of brought that into Easter," she says. "She's politically correct. Maybe if there would have been a Miss America all those years ago, she would have been that person. But she's got some anger, too, that needs to be dealt with. And I wouldn't want to get on her bad side."

The season finale will give Easter an opportunity to act on some of that anger after Shadow and Wednesday crash one of her lavish celebrations in the hopes of convincing her to turn against the New Gods. "She's not necessarily happy to see [Wednesday], but there's a part of her that's like, when you get in bed with the devil, you sort of enjoy it. Because she misses it. Let's just say she gets the opportunity to show her power and why she is the great Ostara. There's an opportunity to find out and be reminded of who she was," Chenoweth teases.

Without giving too much away, let's just say the world will never quite be the same once Easter shows what she's capable of in Sunday's episode.

American Gods' season finale airs Sunday at 9/8c on Starz.