There was at least one witness to Nicole Simpson Brown's death. But he wasn't able to take the stand. He is, however, taking center stage in the new teaser for American Crime Story: The People v O.J. Simpson. Take a look below:

Confused? During O.J. Simpson's trial for the double murder of his ex wife and her friend Ron Goldman, attention turned to an unlikely witness: Brown's dog, an Akita named Kato. Neighbors in their Beverly Hills neighborhood heard what they described as "plaintive wailing" from the dog, and one man out walking his own dog came across an ownerless (but leashed) Kato splattered in blood.

Check out the first trailer for American Crime Story

The man picked up the leash and followed the dog back to its house, where he saw Brown's corpse, surrounded by bloody dog prints.

At the trial, animal experts were called in to testify whether Kato's behavior was unusual for Akitas (a breed not known for barking or wandering away from their homes). At one point, someone even thought about bringing the dog to a pet psychic and having him "channeled."

American Crime Story: The People v O.J. Simpson will premiere in February on FX.