American Blackout American Blackout

Everyone has a zombie apocalypse escape plan, but what about one for a catastrophic blackout, like the one seen on NBC's Revolution?

Later this month, National Geographic Channel will ask that question with American Blackout, a two-hour disaster film that for the first time uses crowdsourcing material as part of its footage. The film follows the aftermath of a blackout caused by a cyber attack on the United States that deactivates the power grid.

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American Blackout intertwines five story lines, ranging from a nuclear family with a baby on the way in Ohio to a Doomsday Preppers-type family in Portland. They're all filming their everyday lives as they deal with the panic, blood, violence and chaos using their nearest cameras or phones at hand. The film also supplements this with real-life footage crowdsourced from Americans during real blackouts. Who will survive and who will fail? Who will still be around when the lights come back on? Check out this exclusive 60-second trailer for American Blackout:

American Blackout premieres Sunday, Oct. 27 at 9/8c on NatGeo.