AMC has released the first trailer for Preacher, the upcoming adaptation of the popular 1990s comic starring Dominic Cooper as the titular minister.

In the clip, Cooper's Rev. Jesse Custer is approached by a young boy who has an unusual request. "It's about my dad," he says. "I want you to hurt him." Based on the footage we see, Rev. Custer is fully prepared to do just that - and more.

"How far do I go?" Custer asks. "Violence makes violence."

Preacher, which is expected to debut in mid-2016, follows Custer as he journeys across the country looking for answers, having merged with a spiritual force that gives him more power than God. Ruth Negga, Joseph Gilgun and Lucy Griffiths co-star. Will the show be AMC's next Breaking Bad? Based on the trailer, that's not a bad bet.

Check out the trailer below. Will you watch?