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Why is Detective Holder discussing the Rosie Larsen case with some never-before-seen official-type? Seems sneaky.

In the next episode of The Killing, titled "What You Have Left," Rosie's funeral will take place, and Sarah (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) will question a suspect's family and neighbors. Which suspect?

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It looks like it might be Rosie's dad, Stan (Brent Sexton). While the detectives continue to pursue Bennett (Brandon Jay McLaren), Holder's made aware that years ago Stan used be the "muscle" for some unlawful group and he's also had serious gambling problems. Why no record? Our mystery man in the car says, "Dead men don't press charges."

Check out their exchange in the sneak peek below:

Sneak Peak: THE KILLING - Episode 6

Check out this sneak peak at episode 6 of The Killing.|The Killing|

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