Marti Noxon is working on her next series and it might be a game-changer.

AMC announced at the Television Critics Association fall previews that Noxon will be executive-producing, showrunning and writing the adaptation of Sarai Walker's Dietland novel for the network before inviting the producer to talk about the series.

"When I was going to get ready to take Dietland up, I have to say I was surprised to find that I felt like maybe we wouldn't find a home for it because it's unlike anything else that I've done," Noxon told critics. "You really can't quantify what Dietland is."

The novel follows morbidly obese Plum Kettle as she joins two "feminist cults" — one using guerrilla tactics to take down the beauty industry and another that mutilates and kills men who hurt women. The first season of the show will delve into whether Plum is being brainwashed into becoming a killer.

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"It's still kind of funny and weird... It's savage," Noxon said. "It feels like for all the people who feel, 'Enough. Enough racism. Enough sexism. Enough beauty-ism. Enough being told that we're not enough.' AMC not only wanted it, they've been incredible partners up until this point... It feels like this show is so timely and they get every part of that."

Noxon said that she and her staff have already written half of the first season and will begin prepping for filming in September.

Dietland will premiere with a 10-episode season on AMC in 2018.